TOUR DIARY 2018 by Ala


Part 1: Azkena Rock Festival & Hellfest

22./23.06. Bilbao / Vitoria / Azkena Rock Festival

Finally! It's the 22nd of June! I'm flying to Spain today where Gluecifer will play at the Azkena Rock Festival. I decided to travel one day earlier because the flight connections were better on Friday and so I would have more time to do some sightseeing. I arrived in Bilbao at 1 pm and stayed there for the rest of the day. The Guggenheim museum is pretty impressive, and the old town is quite nice. In the evening I took the bus to Vitoria where the Azkena Festival is taking place.


The next day I get up early and have the chance to walk around in Vitoria while the rest of the city is still asleep. Right after sunrise is the best time to go sightseeing! Vitoria is a very nice city, especially the old town. Afterwards I go back to my hotel and try to get some more sleep because I won't have a bed for the next two nights. Of course, that doesn't work out well, but I stay in bed for the rest of the day. It's a looong day because Gluecifer will play at 2 am in the night. At about 10 pm I check out and walk to the festival area where Gluecifer will play on the big "God" Stage. When I arrive, Joan Jett is starting her show. She's not my favourite artist, but it is getting cold and so I go a little bit closer to the stage where it is more crowded and therefore warmer. At about 0.30 am her show is over and the big waiting begins. Unfortunately, I’m freezing like hell... Even in Spain it can get cold during the night and so I am waiting and freezing together with a couple of other people who also want to be in the first row. It's no question that it will be worth it! One and a half hour can be very long when you're just waiting. And did I say that I am freezing?? But I’ve been waiting for this day for seven months. One and a half hour should be nothing! I never thought that Gluecifer will ever be back on stage and now it is coming true! They will be on this stage in less than 90 minutes. It still seems unreal.


Finally, it's 2 am! Danny is the first on stage and starts to play "I got a war". Shortly after the rest of the band appear. Raldo Useless, Captain Poon and Biff Malibu are back! Accompanied by the new bass player Peter Larsson. The crowd is freaking out when Biff starts singing "I got a war baby..." It's still unreal, but cool as hell. It's Gluecifer!!! They really are back on stage and I'm very thankful that I'm in the crowd. They are as good and powerful as they have always been. The setlist is fantastic. They play a lot of songs from "Automatic Thrill": the title track, “Take it”, “A car full of stash”, “A call from the other side”, “Here come the pigs” and “Shaking so bad”. Of course, they play the last song they wrote as a band; "Desolate City" as well as “Rockthrone”, “Evil Matcher”, “Ducktail Heat”, “The year of manly living”, “Go away man”, “Bossheaded”, “Reversed”, “Black book lodge” and “Easy Living”. Biff, who is wearing a white jacket, is doing a great job. Unbelievable that he hasn’t done this for almost 13 years! He has such a powerful voice and is such a present on stage. It's great to see that the band is having as much fun as the audience. It's an unforgettable night. The Kings of Rock are back!

They play almost one and a half hour and I enjoy every second of it! It's almost half past three when they leave the stage. After the show I meet Frode who travelled to the festival from Norway. Unfortunately, there is not much time left for small talk because I have to walk straight to the bus station.

Setlist Azkena Rock Festival:

1. I got a war
2. Automatic Thrill
3. Take it
4. Go away man
5. A call from the other side
6. Car full of stash
7. Reversed

8. Shotgun Seat
9. The year of manly living
10. Shaking so bad
11. Evil matcher
12. Get the horn

13. Ducktail Heat
14. Here come the pigs

15. Bossheaded
16. Desolate city

17. Black book lodge


18. Easy living

19. Rockthrone

24.06.2018 Hellfest

The only way to get to Hellfest in time is to take two busses and two planes. I hope that neither the bus or the plane will be delayed, otherwise I won't make it. The first bus is supposed to leave at 5am. I am getting nervous at 5.10 because the bus still isn't here. Shortly after the bus arrives and I'm on my way to San Sebastian. When I arrive there I've only got 5 minutes to get to the bus to Biarritz! Fortunately, it's works out fine and I arrive at Biarritz Airport at about 8 am. Now it's time to get on the plane! Next stop: Paris. The plane is on time and it's no problem to catch the connecting flight to Nantes. I finally arrive there after 10 hours travelling at 3 pm.


Outside the airport I'm looking for the shuttle taxi to the festival. I ask some people who look like they are also heading in that direction. Coincidently they’re actually part of a Finish metal band and had played the day before and luckily there is at free seat in their taxi and I can travel with them! The festival is huge. There are about 100,000 people and several stages. Gluecifer will play on the "Warzone" stage. I'm very lucky today because right before Gluecifer the Backyard Babies are playing. It couldn't get any better! The Backyard Babies played for 50 minutes and I'm having a lot of fun. But it will get even better afterwards! Again, I have to wait for over an hour but at least it's not as late as yesterday and I don't have to freeze. At 20.25 it's once again Danny who arrives on stage first. The rest of the band quickly follow him and start again with "I got a war". The set is a little bit shorter than the day before, but I don't care as long as they are back on stage! One hour packed with hits like “Automatic Thrill”, “Take it”, “Car full of stash”, “Reversed”, “Evil Matcher”, “Black book lodge” and “Easy Living”. I really could not have wished for more. I'm in heaven at Hellfest!


But all good things must come to an end and I'm getting really tired. I walk around and listen to some songs from Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson and Turbonegro before I end up at the big campfire because it's getting cold again. At about 3am I take a shuttle taxi to Clisson station where the train for Nantes is leaving. There I must wait again for the FlixBus which is leaving for Paris at 6.45 am. Normally I'm not able to sleep in busses but this time I do and wake up when the bus arrives at Paris at 11.30 am. I've three hours until my train is leaving so I decide to do some speed-sightseeing: Notre-Dame, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc the Triomphe and Champs-Élysées. The weather is perfect, and I spend a nice afternoon in Paris before my train leavs. At 7pm I'm back home. My bed is my best friend for the next few hours, but I'm already looking forward to the festivals in Norway! The distance between the festivals there is even bigger, and it will be a challenge again to make it from one festival to the other! I hope it will all work out because I don't want to miss one of the greatest shows this year!

Setlist Hellfest:

1. I got a war
2. Automatic Thrill
3. Take it
4. Go away man
5. A call from the other side
6. Car full of stash
7. Reversed
8. The year of manly living
9. Shaking so bad
10. Evil matcher
11. Get the horn
12. Here come the pigs
13. Desolate city

14. Black book lodge

15. Easy living

FAREWELL TOUR 2005 by Ala & Nora



28.09.2005 Madrid, Sala Copernico

Today is the day we have been waiting for! Gluecifer will do their first show of the Farewell tour. But first of all we had to get to Madrid. That’s why we met at the airport in Frankfurt and waited together for our flight to Spain. Somehow it’s unbelievable that we will be in Spain in a few hours and that we will see Gluecifer live on stage again!
We took off at 3.10 pm. It was our first (resp. second) flight ever so it was pretty exciting for us. The flight was good and the weather got better and better the closer we got to Spain.
After all we arrived at 5.30 pm in Madrid and the first problem was finding the exit and the subway. Fortunately at least some people at the airport spoke english so we finally made it. Finding the hotel was no problem and the club was just around the corner. At that time we began to realize that we would really see Gluecifer that evening! In Spain! How crazy is that!? But just great...!


All the shows in Spain started pretty late. That’s why we decided to look for something to eat first. On our way back we had to wait at the traffic lights. And guess who was standing across the street!? Right - Stu, Captain Poon, Biff and Danny! The traffic lights turned from red to green and we said hello to them. Our anticipation grew and we were impatiently waiting for the doors to open.
We got into the “Sala Copernico“ at about 9 pm and secured our places in front of the stage.

Afterwards we had to wait again...
At 10.35 pm Gluecifer entered the stage and started with “Car full of stash“!! Yeah!! This song really kicks ass and is a great opener! That’s how a concert has to begin! The Spanish are a really crazy people and they definitely know how to rock! They are a great audience and got our respect! Without a break Gluecifer went on with “Take it“ followed by “Automatic Thrill“.


The setlist was great and probably came up to everybody’s expectations. One and a half hour later the first show of the Farewell tour was history. Wow! What a great show! We were really very happy that it wasn’t our last Gluecifer show. It was just the beginning of a great tour!
After the show Stu asked us if we would also come to New York. Of course we said “no“. At that time we thought that even we aren’t that crazy. Well, later it turned out that we really are...

29.09.2005 Burgos, Quinta Avenida

The next day we traveled from Madrid to Burgos where the second show in Spain took place. Our train went off at 1.30 pm and we arrived in Burgos at 5.30 pm. 


It wasn’t too difficult to find the hotel although it wasn’t near the station. We got there at about 6.30 pm. At 7 pm we decided to search the club. According to the map the club couldn’t be that far away. It seemed like we just had to walk down a few streets. But we didn’t find anything except trees! So we went back to our hotel and asked the guy at the reception.

He gave us a map and marked the position of the club. It was farther away than we thought... So we set off once again. It got darker and darker and the street became a dirt track... Finally we arrived in the middle of nowhere! Great!


The only building we found was the “Villa Marina“ but we couldn’t find the “Quinta Avenida“ where the show should take place. So we decided to go back to the city and look for a taxi. On our way back we once again asked somebody where the “Quinta Avenida“ is. They didn’t speak english at all but we went in the direction they showed us. We got to a restaurant and asked there again where the club is. Finally the woman there showed us the right way! At 10 pm we arrived at the “Quinta Avenida“. It took three hours to get there!!

It was a pretty small club with a very small stage but the crowd was even more crazy than the evening before. The show began at 0.35 am and they started again with „Car full of stash“. The setlist was almost the same as the one in Madrid. The only difference was that they also played „A call from the other side“. From that evening on it was on the setlist every night. It was really a very funny evening: Biff dropped down dead, Captain Poon resurrected him, Raldo played something he wasn’t supposed to and in consequence of this he was attacked by one of Stu’s plectrums. One and a half hours later the show was over and we went back to our hotel. At least we knew then where we had to go!

30.09.2005 Durango, Kafe Antzokia

Our train left for Bilbao at 1 pm and we arrived there at 4.30 pm. Afterwards we had to travel to an EuskoTren station by Metro. 


When we got there we had to notice that we just missed a train and had to wait for nearly one hour until the next one came. Great! At least it was no problem to find the hotel when we finally arrived in Durango. At 8 pm we started searching for the club once again. And again it seemed to be pretty easy but it wasn’t. For some reason there aren’t street signs in this city there are only lots of maps. So we went from one map to the next but never got in the right street.

But after we had asked a few people we finally made it. We reached the “Kafe Antzokia“ at 9.30 pm and doors opened at 10 pm. When we saw the stage we first where a bit shocked: The barrier was a staircase! Well, we would see if the Spanish storm the stage...


On that day there was a support act for the first time. Don’t ask for their name, we have no idea! We didn’t understand a single word!

At 11.50 pm Gluecifer entered the stage! And the Spanish went totally mad! They went upstairs and downstairs again all the time! It was just crazy and also big fun! Although the club turned into a sauna within a few minutes. Biff talked a bit of Spanish (a Spanish guy whispered the right words in his ear) and the Spanish were enthused about it! They played the same setlist as the evening before and after one and a half hours a crazy but great show was over.



01.10.2005 Barcelona, Sala Mephisto

The next day we had to get up pretty early (7.40 am) because it was a long journey to Barcelona. At 8.40 am we left Durango and continued our journey at 10 am in Bilbao.


We finally arrived in Barcelona at 7 pm. We had canceled our hotel there because we had to be at the airport again at 8 am. We thought it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it through the night in a city like Barcelona. So we left our baggage at the station and went in search of the “Sala Mephisto“. Of course we had problems again finding the club but a few nice people helped us. We just arrived when doors were open at 9.45 pm. On this evening there were three support acts: Cancerberos, Futureproof and Rockzilla.

At 11.45 pm Gluecifer came on stage for the last time ever in Spain. As the evenings before they started with “Car full of stash“. It got even hotter than the evening before and the result of this was that Biff began to take off his clothes! He started with his shirt and went on with the shoes, the pants and finally the socks! Afterwards Biff only wearing his boxershorts went on the bar singing “I’m done with the easy living...“!


Probably everybody in the room was excited, stunned and fascinated at the same time! The Spanish definitely got a great last show!
After the concert we first went to a club and later the night we went to the beach (you just have to go there when you are in Barcelona!). But it got pretty windy and so we decided to go back to the station and had breakfast there at 6 am. At 10 am we were sitting in our plane back to Frankfurt.

The shows in Spain have definitely been very special for us. You can’t compare them with the other ones because of the audience. It’s really something different. The Spain are crazy, but in a very positive sense. Every show was just a big party! Spain definitely rocks!!


05.10.2005 Hamburg, Fabrik

Today is the first Gluecifer concert of this tour in Germany! After three days back in reality the life on the road finally went on! We met in Hannover in the train to make the last part of the journey together. At about 7 pm we arrived in Hamburg-Altona and we first went to our hotel. The big advantage of concerts in Germany is that most of the time we know where we have to go in contrast to certain other countries! In our shared room for seven people were only two other girls who were very quiet, good luck for us! Afterwards we went to the club which was only a five-minute walk away. 


Doors were open at 8.45 pm and the support act "Duitse Herder" started at 9.15 pm. The band had two female singers who were veeeeery evil. Well, it was pretty funny! After they had cursed us they left the stage and a white drape was fixed. Before the show the cover of the “God’s chosen dealer“ single was projected onto it. At 9.15 pm “Farewell“ by Rod Stewart rang out and a picture show was shown on the drape. CD covers as well as (tour-) pictures of the last years were shown.

When you see that you could nearly cry! When the song was over you first heard a noise which slowly turned into the first tones of  “Automatic Thrill“. Then you heard Biff’s voice: “Automatic Thrill come... Come and get me in my sleep...“ At the point where the song gets louder the drape fell down and it was time to rock! Wow, that was really more theatrical than in Spain!  They went on with “Take it“ and “Car full of stash“. 


Before they played that song Biff talked a little german. He said that he received lots of e-mails from people who were wondering what he would do after Gluecifer. His answer was that he wanted to become a designer in Poland! And he will drive around with his car and tell everybody who asks “I got a car full of stash...“ and they started playing the song! Afterwards they played “Reversed“ and went on with the same setlist as in Spain.

At midnight everything was over and we went back to our hotel. At least we had a hotel there. The following night we would have to spend in a train... So we had to take advantage of it!

06.10.2005 Berlin, SO36

The next morning we went directly to the station to travel to Berlin. Fortunately it isn’t a very long distance so we reached our destination at noon. At the station we squeezed our baggage in a locker because we didn’t have a hotel there. Afterwards we walked a bit through Berlin, ate something and finally went to the district “Kreuzberg“ where the “SO36“ is located. 


Doors were open shortly after 8 pm and we spotted some familiar faces! Lots of them came because they saw Gluecifer last year together with “Die Ärzte“! Before the show the audience was entertained by Thorsten from a german band called “Beatsteaks“. He was on stage as a DJ. Some time later the white drape was fixed again and the show started at 10.10 pm with the picture show! Afterwards Gluecifer started with “Automatic Thrill“ as the evening before and the whole setlist was the same as the one in Hamburg. After “Take it“ Biff started to talk german again, this time about Berlin.

He told that he had lived in Berlin for a while a short time ago and that he had to earn money somehow. So he drove around in a Mercedes selling stuff and everytime someone asked him something he said “I got a car full of stash...“ and they started playing the song!
It was a great show as always and it was over at about 11.50 pm. 


Actually our plan was to take the train at 0.30 am but it was already pretty late and we decided to go to the official aftershowparty in the “Sage Club“ and take the train at 4.30 am. So we took a taxi to the club because we had no idea where it was. When we got there Captain Poon and Raldo were already spinning records in one of the rooms there. The good thing was that there was also an outdoor area where the music wasn’t too loud and where it wasn‘t so crowded.

We had a pretty nice evening and talked with a few nice people. At about 4 am we took a taxi to the station and traveled to Munich/resp. back home during the night.

07.10.2005 Munich, New Backstage

After we were separated in Göttingen the night before we met again in Munich in the afternoon. This day two friends of us were with us, Jani and Franzi. Jani had also seen Gluecifer together with “Die Ärzte“ and she was really looking forward to see a headliner show for the first time! It was Franzi’s first concert ever and she knew Gluecifer only because of our stories. 


We first went to our hotel and afterwards to a copy shop to print something for a certain book... But more about that later! Then we went to the “New Backstage“. When we arrived there we met Chris who had also been in Berlin the day before. It’s really enviable that he had been to almost 30 Gluecifer concerts... Doors were open at 8 pm and at 10 pm the picture show started. Biff told us again a little story in german:

„Mein Name ist Biff Malibu. Ich bin 36 Jahre alt und sehr, sehr dumm. Ich habe eine Wohnung in Oslo. In meiner Wohnung steht ein Bett. Dort ficke ich immer. Heute kann ich nicht ficken, weil ich nicht in meiner Wohnung bin. Heute Nacht bin ich im Bus und muss die ganze Nacht masturbieren.“
Oookay! This time he would wind down the window to sell something and say: “I got a car full of stash...“
The rest was typical for Bavaria. Although there were enough security men they didn’t do anything at all except let the crowd-surfers fall on the floor and when they were lucky they were kicked in the ass as well. As a result of this we got shoes and elbows in our faces all the time. Maybe somebody should have told them what their task is. Anyway, when we are in Bavaria anything just has to go wrong! Somehow this state is cursed! When Gluecifer started to play „Put me an a plate“ Captain Poon’s guitar didn’t work and a few minutes went by until the problem was solved. In the meantime the others played the song until the first refrain and improvised something else afterwards. Then there was something wrong with Danny’s drums! Let’s got the whole hog!


Finally they could go on with “Here come the pigs“, but somehow the second stanza was missing. A few minutes went by until everybody was refocused again.This time they played “Titanium Sunset“ instead of “Shitty City“ and it remained on the setlist until the end of the tour. All told, the concert wasn’t bad at all, but if you compare it to the other ones there were a lot of things this evening which just were better the days before!

It’s a pity that it’s always like that when you got friends with you and want to show them how great this band is! Anyway, we think Jani and Franzi had a lot of fun and won’t forget the show so fast!
After we had gotten some autographs and Franzi had bought a t-shirt we went back to our hotel.

08.10.2005 Cologne, Live Music Hall

The next morning we had to get up again at 8 am to catch our train to Cologne. When we arrived there we first picked up Ben who is a friend of us and went together to the “Live Music Hall“. When we got there we met another friend of us, Hanna, and waited for the show to start.


The white drape was already fixed and at 8.15 pm „Farewell“ rang out and the picture show started! The people who were standing behind us were so drunk that they already had problems not falling over but we didn‘t mind because Gluecifer entered the stage!! This time Biff talked about what he had learnt in Spain. One of the rules was that the pants can’t be tight enough. He made some corresponding moves and recognized that he failed this evening! Stu was also in a very good mood. He did a little breakdance performance and imitated the Angus Young walk!

Furthermore two girls who had also traveled to all the shows in Germany threw roses onto the stage to the band’s delight.
We had a great evening in Cologne and it was definitely a very good but also sad last show in Germany.
We traveled back to our homes in the early morning hours and waited for Friday to come.


14.10.2005 Oslo, Sentrum Scene

After 5 long days the Farewell Tour finally went on. This time the tour lead us to two shows in Norway. We always said that we want to see Gluecifer on stage in Norway. So we were pretty excited about what was expecting us.
At 9.30 am we met at the airport in Cologne and waited for the take-off to Oslo at 11.35 am. The flight was supposed to last 2 hours, but we landed 20 minutes earlier in Oslo (Lufthavn). The approach over Oslo was really amazing and our anticipation grew with every minute! From the airport we had to travel 20 minutes by train to Oslo (Sentralstation) where we nearly missed to get out of the train. Until that time we managed everything without losing our way, but we hadn‘t arrived at the hotel yet. Maybe that´s why we first went in the wrong direction. But fortunately we had a map that guided us on the way. It would have been a miracle if we had found our way to the hotel without getting lost!


At 3.30 pm we decided to find out where the Sentrum Scene is. There we met Miles and Lynn from England to hand them two spare tickets for the show. Both were very happy that they got the tickets. There was a lot of time left till the doors were open and we went to a music store to look for Gluecifer CD´s, especially „Desolate City“. But the single was not released yet. Therefore we bought the soundtrack „IZZAT“, „Reversed“ and „Get the horn“.

To see at least something cultural of Oslo we decided to visit the peninsula Bygdøy. Oslo´s most important museums and the exclusive residential district with beautiful parks are located there.
Afterwards we went to the Sentrum Scene an hour before the doors opened. We were impatiently waiting for the concert to begin. Captain Poon, Danny, Biff and Stu were already walking around. And suddenly, without warning Danny came to us with a camera team and asked us if we want to give an interview! We were very surprised and didn´t know how to answer their questions properly. At least we tried. Afterwards we went into the Sentrum Scene. It´s a very beautiful location and of course it was completely sold out. Cameras were installed everywhere to film this legendary evening.
Before the show we met Jane from England. She had already written us a few e-mails and is a really nice person!


At 9.30 pm the support act „Amulet“ came on stage and played a good show. And finally at 10.30 pm the white drape was fixed and the picture show with Rod Stewart´s „Farewell“ started. When we heard the first tones of „Automatic Thrill“ the audience couldn´t wait longer for the drape to disappear and lifted it. Although the setlist was the same as at the other shows the following one and a half hour was just brilliant! A great concert with an indescribable atmosphere. That´s how every Gluecifer show is supposed to be! Fortunately the whole concert was filmed to capture every moment.

The band obviously had fun on stage: Raldo and Stu were teasing each other and after Danny´s drum solo during „Black Book Lodge“ a big Durex-banner appeared. 


Probably Biff was telling some funny storys because the audiance was laughing often. It´s a pity that we didn´t understand a word. To the bands delight, roses were thrown onto the stage again. Raldo pinned a white rose on his guitar and Biff threw rose blooms into the audience. In the end Gluecifer said goodbye under thunderous ovation!
All in all this concert was definitely one of the best we have ever seen!

But somehow it was also very sad because we knew that we will never have such a good time again! The thought of seeing one more concert in Tromsø the next day cheered us up a little. 


After the concert we had the opportunity to give the guys a little gift. After they announced their breakup we sent a message to all fans we knew and asked them if they want to write something for a „Farewell book“. We received some nice letters and the band was very pleased about it.


After this concert we knew that we really had to see the last show in New York! But there was one big problem. Due to the fact that we were not 21 years old yet, we normally wouldn't be allowed to go to a concert in the Hard Rock Café. Therefore we just asked the guys if there is a possibility to solve this problem. Thomas (the tour manager) was so kind and said that he would try to find if there is a way. 
Later we went to the „Macondo“ to have some drinks there. At 2.30am we went back to our hotel. We had to get up early the next morning to catch the flight to Tromsø.

15.10.2005 Tromsø,  Kulturhuset Verkstedet

At the airport we first had breakfast and waited until the plane was ready for boarding. It was pure accident that we had the same flight as Gluecifer. The plane took off at 11.50 am. We chose our seats next to the window so that we could see as much as possible of the impressive norwegian landscape. The nearer we got to Tromsø the more the mountains were covered with snow. We both have never been so far in the North before! 


After the landing we didn´t know how to get into the city and to our hotel. Fortunately, there stood a bus in front of the airport and we asked the busdriver. He was very, very kind and set us off right in front of the hotel. He even gave us a map of Tromsø which was very helpful for us. In the afternoon we went into the city and started searching the Kulturhuset. This took again some time, but after our experiences in Spain we were used to it. The doors were open at 8.30 pm and we secured our places in front of the stage. 


There was no support act this day and the white drape was already fixed. You even were able watch the picture show without getting a stiff neck. And then Gluecifer entered the stage for the last time in Norway. This show was a blast. The band gave everythink they had and enjoyed every minute. Biff had a dance with his microphone and Stu and Raldo kicked each others butts or were running around Stu´s microphone. In the end there was a great surprise in the setlist: Before „Easy living“ they played „God‘s Chosen Dealer“!! It took us some seconds to believe it. This was an excellent farewell concert! You can´t compare it with the show in Oslo but it was one of the best concerts of the Farewell Tour! It was kind of a depressing feeling not to know if this was our last Gluecifer concert ever or if would see them in New York once again!

Afterwards we went to the merchandise and bought the stuff we wanted to have. We went to some bars afterwards where we had a lot of fun.


The next day we were looking for something to eat. We passed by the „Biffhuset“ and made a picture of it. Afterwards we had to to back to the airport. The view from the plane over Oslo by night was even more beautiful than the view by day!
These two shows in Norway were simply phenomenal. We definitely wanted to fly to New York and see the last Gluecifer show ever!




28.10.2005 New York, Hard Rock Café

New York! We were really going to New York to see the last Gluecifer concert ever. One week ago we got the confirmation that there wouldn´t be any problems for us to get into the Hard Rock Cafe.


So nothing could prevent us from flying to New York for the weekend. We met at the airport in Düsseldorf at 11.30 am. The whole check-in process seemed to take forever including lots of questions and even more passport and baggage controls. Our answer to the question why we go to New York made the inspectors respond with a smile. The plane was delayed but we finally took off at 2.30 pm. After 6000km and 8 hours we were heading to New York along the American east coast. Up there we became aware where we were right now and had to admit that this was a crazy journey.

We arrived at the JFK airport at 4.50 pm local time. There we had to wait one hour for the passport control. We handed in the forms and answered to all the questions again. The inspector even wanted to know to which concert we´d go. But he hadn´t heard of Gluecifer before. After taking fingerprints of our forefingers and a picture we finally were allowed to leave the airport. To our surprise they didn´t check our baggage. That saved time because it was already 6:30pm. We changed some money and were looking for the subway. This took a long time and once again a nice and very funny busdriver helped us. Unfortunately the subway train left when we entered the subway station. We had to wait 30 minutes for the next one. After a 50 minute ride together with some weird people we got off at 42nd Street. 


We were in New York City right now but we hadn´t seen anything of it yet. We were more impressed after walking upstairs. An overwhelming feeling to stand in between all those huge lighted skyscrapers. It was just great! The next thing we saw was our hotel and at the end of the street the Hard Rock Cafe. We couldn´t believe it, we had found it without searching and losing the way. We were very lucky this time!

Our room was on the 24th  floor and not really comfortable, but we didn´t mind. Afterwards we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. What a relief feeling to arrive there finally. Doors didn’t open until 9 pm, so there was som time left to walk across the Times Square. There was a screen In front of  the Hard Rock Cafe which announced today’s program: Little Stevens Underground Garage presents „Halloween a Go-Go“.


Short after 9 pm the doors were open. "The Boss Martians" was the first band to play and as announced their first show ever. Between the acts a half dozen Go-Go-Girls danced on stage, for the men’s pleasure. Up next was the special guest, "Richard and the young lions". Let´s say they weren´t young, they played a long set and they sucked!

Finally Gluecifer entered the stage to play their last show ever. They started with „Car Full Of Stash“ and proved the audience why they are the Kings of Rock! 


The majority of the people were there for "Rocket from the Crypt". But Gluecifer and the bunch of fans enjoyed this last gig. After one hour Gluecifer played „Black Book Lodge“ and left the stage. They wanted to play 3 more songs, but they didn't let them go back on stage. It´s a pity that they couldn´t play „Easy Living“, „Get The Horn“ and „Desolate City“ on their last show. It seemed that the promoters only wanted to stick to the timetable and didn´t care about the rest. "Rocket from the Crypt" took the stage at 1.20 am and the audience got what they were waiting for the whole evening. This was also one of their last shows ever! After the concert we went to a bar and said goodbye to Gluecifer for the last time.

The next morning we got up early to walk through the streets of Manhattan and to do some sight-seeing. We went to the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, China Town, Brooklyn Bridge and did some shopping on the Broadway and 5th Avenue. On Sunday we spent the morning in Central Park and went up the Empire State Building while the sun was shining. In the afternoon we had to say goodbye to New York and went back to the airport. The plane to Düsseldorf took off right on time at 5.45 pm. We had a great view over New York in the dark! During the flight we tried to get some sleep and at 7 am local time we arrived in Düsseldorf where this crazy trip and the Farewell Tour ended for us.

We want to thank everybody who made this tour very special for us! In the first place we want to thank Raldo, Stu, Danny, Biff and Captain Poon! We had such a great time with you and every show was just stunning! We also want to thank their great crew, especially Thomas and Ketil!
And of course we want to say a big thank you to all the nice fans we met. You are just great and we are happy that we got to know you!





----Intro: "Farewell" by Rod Stewart----

1. Automatic Thrill (Spain: 1. Car full of stash)
2. Take it (Spain: 2. Take it)
3. Car full of stash (Spain: 3. Automatic Thrill)
4. Reversed
5. Ducktail
6. Get the horn
7. Put me on a plate
8. Here come the pigs
9. Go away man
10. Gary O'Kane
11. Shitty City/Titanium Sunset
12. The year of manly living
13. Shotgun seat
14. A Call from the other site (not in Madrid)
15. Rockthrone
16. Shaking so bad
17. Black book lodge
18. Desolate city
19. Brutus
20. I got a war
21. Bossheaded
(22. God's chosen dealer, only in Tromsø)
23. Easy living

Setlist New York:

1. Car full of stash
2. Take it
3. Reversed
4. Automatic Thrill
5. Here come the pigs 
6. I got a war
7. Gary O' Kane
8. A Call from the other side
9. Shotgun Seat 
10. Ducktail Heat
11. The year of manly living
12. Shaking so bad
13. Black book lodge