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Tons of Rock 2024



Gonna be fun…!

Expanded double LP "B-Sides and Rarities 1994 - 2005"



Expanded double LP version of our «B-Sides and Rarities 1994-2005» releasedate 15.12!

Hit the pre-order link below or get it in the merchbooth at these shows.

Markthalle Hamburg 13.12

Longhorn Stuttgart 14.12

Technikum Munich 15.12

Get your tickets here:


New Tourdates for Germany


Finally some dates in our home away from home!

The pre-christmas party will be in the name rock this year. Tickets on sale Friday at 11:00.


Tourdates for Sweden


Tjena Sverige!

Been extremely eager to pay our good neigbour a visit. Finally we’re about to do so!

Tickets on sale this Friday 31/3 kl.10:00




We are sorry to inform you that the planned shows in Germany this fall are cancelled.

Times are still a little strange for shows after the pandemic. Costs are high, and there seem to be a lot of insecurity regarding tickets, postponements, cancellations etc.

When we looked at the situation for the planned concerts, it became clear to us that it wouldn’t be possible to do them in a way that we think a night with Gluecifer should be done. So we have decided to wait and rather come back to Germany later. Really looking forward to that.

We apologise for any inconvenience we have caused to those who already bought tickets. All tickets will of course be refunded. Contact your point of purchase for a refund.

Sooner or later things will be back to normal in the German rock world. Then we will be back too.

See you all then,


Spain 2022


We are insanely happy to announce our Spanish and Basque shows this year. Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia is up, come November, come right now!!

Tickets go on sale, Monday 25.

Norway 2022


The new date for the show at Last Train is 25/03/2022.

Vervenfestivalen and Målrock are also confirmed.

Check out all tourdates here.

Germany 2022


Hopefully all kinds of shit gets beaten long before we hop on the tourbus. Madly looking forward to this.

Bremen 2022


We’re having the honour of supporting our long term buddies Die Ärzte next summer in Bremen, Germany, in front of 30.000 people. We did the same thing on our «Automatic Thrill» tour and this left us with nothing but amazing memories. Thanks guys, we’re really looking forward to this one!

Oslo - Last Train


The show at Last Train in Oslo will take place on 22.02.2022. See you there!



CANCELLED - Gluecifer will play at this year's Målrock festival in Årdal.

Show at Last Train


This is our Christmas gift to our favorite bar in Oslo. Through all times this has been our place of choice and there’s no way we’re gonna see it be pissed down the drain by covid-19. Please note that the tickets are extremely few and expensive, but all the money are going straight to Last Train. This, so they can continue being awesome when this shit is over.

Gluecifer@Last Train, sept.4th, 2021. Tickets go on sale at mon dec 21st 10:00AM

VISIONS 30th Anniversary Festival cancelled


We're sorry to announce that the show in Dortmund sept 10th has been cancelled due to Covid-19 regulations.

We hope we're able to do it again when the world is back to normal.




New date confirmed for Weltturbojugendtage - we can’t wait until next summer!

Weltturbojugendtage 31.07.2021 - Große Freiheit 36

Summer Bummer



Dear all.
Due to the Covid-19 virus all the festivals we were scheduled to play this summer have been canceled. This will be a strange summer indeed, but of course we respect all decisions that people must make to keep everyone safe and sound these days.

We hope to see all of you at a later occasion. Until then, we hope you stay safe and healthy and keep your spirits up.

A special thought goes out to all the people that work so hard to arrange shows and festivals. This is a very hard time for them. We sincerely hope they all make it thru this shitty situation, and that next summer will the best for rock ever.

Visions in Dortmund (10/9) and Byscenen in Trondheim (17/10) is still on our schedule for 2020, but this can still change in the weeks to come. Fingers crossed.


Ruhrpott Rodeo


Gluecifer are on the bill for this year's RUHRPOTT RODEO in Germany.
Visions 30th anniversary - new date


Gluecifer had been looking forward to kick off 2020 by celebrating longtime supporters Visions 30th anniversary, along with fans, friends and other great bands.

Due to the unfortunate fact that our guitarist Captain Poon had to undergo immediate surgery in his stomach recently, the post operation recovery does not allow him back on stage for the Dortmund show on February 29.

No need to say that no one is more bummed out about this than the injured man himself, but the doctors message was strict and clear.

Gluecifer will make it up to everyone involved and be back in Dortmund on September 10!

Weltturbojugendtage 2020


Moin Hamburg! Pleased to announce that we’re playing the Grosse Freiheit on the Weltturbojugendtage on August 1st. Our denim clad hometown heroes Turbonegro and their fans are turning the harbour into mayhem every summer and Gluecifer are looking forward take part. Along for the evening we have our buddies The Dogs from Oslo, and Switzelands finest rock’n’rollers Bitch Queens.

Tickets here:

Trondheim 2020


We are looking forward to play at the 10th anniversary of BYSCENEN in Trondheim on Saturday, 25th of August.
Skien 2020


Skien, see you next summer!

We will play at Skien live together with bands like Ole Paus & Motorpsycho on Saturday, June 13th.

VISIONS Festival 2020

Gluecifer are on the bill or nextAchtung, Germany!

It's with great pleasure we can announce that our first show in 2020 will be ar the VISIONS 30th anniversary party in Dortmund. VISIONS Magazin has been one of our greatest supporters in German media throughout the years, so we're really excited to be a part of this one!

Tickets on sale now!


Horten Festival 2020


Gluecifer are on the bill for next year's Vervenfestivalen in Horten.

Third show in Oslo

Wow, 2 nights in Oslo sold out! No. 3 on sale now!

For info and tickets, click TOURDATES.

Gluecifer shows fall 2019

The reaction and welcome we have received over the last year at the concerts we have played has completely blown us away. Now, we look forward to even more!


This Autumn we will head to one of Norway’s coolest cities, Bergen, to our second home of Tromsø and not forgetting one of Norway’s finest concert venues: Rockefeller! This time around we’re going to play some songs from our back catalogue that we’ve never played before.

For info and tickets, click TOURDATES.

Gluecifer come back to Barcelona and Madrid

Hola Spain! It´s on!

For info and tickets, click TOURDATES.


Sjock Festival Belgium 2019


Belgium, see you at Sjock Festival this summer!

For info and tickets, click

Ondt Blod joins Gluecifer for German Shows

The Norwegian band Ondt Blod will open for Gluecifer in Cologne and Berlin in April. ONDT BLOD delivered two ferocious shows at Gluecifer's Oslo gigs last fall, and it is with pride and excitement we bring them along to Germany. Expect huge choruses and intense rock. A band with a great future and a bunch of great guys. Make them feel welcome, they deserve it.

Parkenfestivalen Bodø 2019

Gluecifer are on the bill for next year's Parkenfestivalen in Bodø.

Gluecifer come back to Germany

We are proud and happy to annonunce that Gluecifer will play two shows in Germany this winter. They will take place in Cologne and Berlin. Coming back to Germany with the band feels very special to us. We have so many great memories from those two cities, and we can't wait to see you again.

Lots of germans have traveled to see us this summer and fall, even more have asked us when we would come and play there. Well. now it happens.

We are excited and look forward to seeing you all.


09.04.2019 Cologne - Live Music Hall
10.04.2019 Berlin - Huxley's new world

Tickets are available from 06.11. In exclusive eventim presale and on
General sale opens 08.11 at 10.00

Trondheim Rocks 2019

Gluecifer are on the bill for next year's Trondheim Rocks Festival. See you there next summer!

Tickets available for Oslo shows
Opening acts in Oslo

A very limited amount of tickets for the four Oslo-shows will be available for sale on Monday 10 September at 9 AM CET. Check Ticketmaster.

It is with great pleasure we can announce that ONDT BLOD and KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE will open the Oslo-shows this fall.
KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE will play 26 and 27 October, ONDT BLOD will play 2 and 3 November. Welcome aboard.

Peter Larsson joins Gluecifer

Peter Larsson will be playing bass with Gluecifer for the shows later this year.
Larsson was born in Sweden in 1981, but has lived in Oslo for many years.

Peter has a lot of experience as bassplayer in the Norwegian band Silver. He is also guitarist in the successful Norwegian band Oslo Ess.
"I’m honoured as hell, and look forward to proving myself worthy live", he says in a comment.

Peter Larsson was introduced to the band by Captain Poon. The two of them have made regular hunting-trips to the north of Norway for many years.
"Peter is a great player and an equally great guy. We are very happy to have him onboard for the shows", Gluecifer says.

Interview about the reunion

A brand new interview is online now!

Biff Malibu, Captain Poon, Raldo Useless and Danny Young are talking about the reunion and their future plans.

Check it out here.

​Final show in Oslo on sale

The demand for tickets in Oslo has been overwhelming. Three shows sold out really fast, but still there are lot of people that want to see Gluecifer next year. Therefore they have decided to do a fourth and final show at Sentrum Scene. The date is nov 3rd 2018!

With this show Gluecifers plans for 2018 look settled. If you want to see the band next year, you now know where to go.

Hellfest Open Air
Gluecifer are on the bill for next year's Hellfest Open Air Festival. They will share the stage with their fellow scandinavians Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies and The Good The Bad and The Zugly.
Third Oslo show sold out


All three shows in Oslo are sold out now!

This has exceeded all expectations, Gluecifer are looking more forward to the shows than ever before.

Extra shows in Oslo


Gluecifer's first and second Oslo-show sold out in no time. The band has decided to do one more show. Tickets on sale now.

Gluecifer are flabbergasted by the massive response and all the kind words and greetings they have received the last weeks. Thank you all, and welcome again to Sentrum Scene.

As drummer Danny Young always says: More is more!

Gluecifer in Norway

Gluecifer will return to Oslo next fall for a show at Sentrum Scene.

In 2005 the band said farewell to the world and their hometown at this venue. Now they will be back at the same place, thirteen years later.

The show at Sentrum Scene will be the finale of Gluecifers comeback in 2018. After the outdoor festivals in the summer, it is time to move indoors. Expect an evening of fine rock, with the fine people of Oslo Rock City.

Festivals in Norway
Gluecifer will play at the Buktafestivalen in Tromsø, Norway’s arctic capital, and city that plays a major part in the band’s history. And one at Malakoff in Nordfjordeid, a festival that thru a strong local dedication and great booking has become one of the biggest success-stories in Norwegian rock. Norwegian summer of rock 2018 is hereby recommended.
Gluecifer said goodbye to the world in 2005. Since then many people have asked them if they would ever come back together. This fall Captain Poon, Raldo, Danny and Biff met to talk this over for the first time since the band broke up. They decided that the possibility to get together and play their songs for a dedicated audience at the Azkena Rock Festival was something they all would like to do. 
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